Green Manufacturing Shell. The green manufacturing shell is a suite of models including machining and health hazard scoring.

Green Manufacturing Planner. The green manufacturing planner incorporates a CADCAM approach to feature-based environmentally consious design and manufacturing.

Sheet Metal Designer. The sheet metal designer looks at environmental effects associated with sheet metal manufacture.

GreenDesigner.GreenDesigner is a Java Applet soon to be available for modelling the environmental impact of machining processes (milling, turning, and drilling), sheet metal process (punching, forming, and welding), and plastics processes (extrusion and injection molding).

AMETIDE. A MEthod for Time Disassembly Estimation. The goal of the AMETIDE project is to provide an efficient tool for the designer to optimize disassembly constraints in product design.

Printed Circuit Board Analyzer Process model based evaluations for board fabrication and assembly.

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