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CGDM alumnus Cristiano Facanha and Prof. Arpad Horvath publish "Evaluation of Life-Cycle Air Emission Factors of Freight Transportation" in Environmental Science & Technology

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Prof. Arpad Horvath featured in Voice of America series "Searching for Solutions".


The International Society for Industrial Ecology presented the Laudise Prize to Prof. Arpad Horvath at the Gordon Conference in Stockholm.

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Julian Marshall and Michael Toffel publish "Framing the Elusive Concept of Sustainability: A Sustainability Hierarchy" in Environmental Science & Technology, 39(3)

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CGDM Director Arpad Horvath and Michael Toffel of Haas Business School present two case studies on the environmental implications of wireless technology

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Volvo Research
Foundation grants Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept. funding the for a
Center of Excellence in Future Urban Transportation.
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CGDM Director Arpad Horvath's "Environmental Assessment of Used Oil Management Methods" in the American Chemical Society's Environmental Science and Technology, 38 (2)
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List of environmental management courses for UC Berkeley students

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Back Row (Left to Right): Sergio Pacca, Seppo Junnila, Prof. Dave Dornfeld, Chad White, Taylor Robinson, Nikhil Krishan, Mike Toffel. Front Row: Prof. Cathy Koshland, Prof. Arpad Horvath, Jennifer Stokes, Christiano Facanha, Eric Masanet, Erasmia Kitou, Maria Daguere. Not pictured: Prof. Chris Rosen, Prof. Sara Beckman, Reuben Deumling, Angela Guggemos, Susan Fisher, Garvin Heath, Julian Marshall.

The Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing (CGDM) was formed in 1993 to encourage multi- disciplinary research and education on environmental management, design for environment and pollution prevention issues in critical industries. Faculty and students come from UC Berkeley's College of Engineering, School of Public Health, Energy and Resources Group and Haas School of Business. Ongoing collaboration also exists with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Network for Energy, Environment, Efficiency and the Information Economy. Together with industry and governmental organizations, we strive to meet the following objectives:

  • Form multidisciplinary research agendas among engineering, management, public health and policy faculty members to address the inherently cross-disciplinary issues of environmental design, management and pollution prevention.
  • Integrate green design and manufacturing issues into the curriculum so that students in engineering, business, and sciences are exposed to and learn approaches for solving problems in these areas.
  • Establish collaborative research with industry partners.
  • Establish channels of support and information exchange with governmental agencies at the city, regional, state and federal levels.
  • Serve as a facilitator for dissemination of information on green design and manufacturing for businesses, government, management, and the non-profit sector.

Our strategic research areas are:

  • Civil infrastructure systems
  • Electronics industry
  • Service industries

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